helecopter logging

John Vona jdvona at volcano.net
Wed Jan 15 23:59:55 EST 1997

mjcesar at aol.com (MJCESAR) wrote:

>Does anyone know where I can get some information on helecopter logging. 
>When is it used, what are the benefits, trade-offs, etc.

>Mary Cesar

I am not a specialist in this area but from common sense experience in
the field, helicopter is called for in inaccessible areas such as
steep canyons that are too costly employ a cable yarding system and
much too steep to use tractor.  The catch has to be that logging costs
of the helicopter will not outweigh the predicted volume.  In terms of
soil disturbance and erosion, there is no better way to go than with
helicopter as the only disturbance is the when the fallers do their
jobs and the landing site.  Thus, fewer roads or none at all need to
be built except for getting access to the landing.   The trade off
however is cost as I guess a chopper costs around $2K an hour to fly
logs.  I was involved in logging a fire sale on the Sequoia NF in the
Sierra and it is an awesome spectacle but we only employed it on the
most rugged, remotest terrain.  

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