Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Jan 17 08:57:09 EST 1997

Massachusetts is now beginning the licensing proceedure for foresters.
The state professional organization, The Mass. Association of
Professional Foresters (sounds impressive, huh?) will be having a
meeting soon to discuss ethics. The "bosses" of the MAPF are usually the
bureaucrats. In a note I got about this meeting some examples were given
of ethical dilemas we consultants might face. No examples of ethical
dilemas that the state bureacrats face were given nor will they be
discussed. As if to say that discussion of such a thing is verboten and
of course it couldn't happen anyways.

I might be a liberal, but it's that kind of attitude of state people
that turns me against government. Since I've always survived as an
independent and never got a break or handout from anyone- I guess I'm
more of a libertarian than a liberal. Because if we had a libertarian
form of society I would be at the top - not near the bottom- and those
useless state people would be starving.

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