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Richard Fox rcfox at
Fri Jan 17 18:21:06 EST 1997

The SAF will never keep all its diverse members happy.  Some people 
lately in this list have complained about SAF promoting ecosystem 
management and other feel good, politically correct, environmentally 
oriented hogwash...  SAF has often taken positions that hard-core 
industry foresters rebel at...  but they are working hard to move 
foresters forward before they become totally irrelevant and lose what 
little respect they have left with the American public... who increasingly 
sees foresters as lackies of a forest industry with no social 
conscience or sense of moral responsibility.  

The American public wants foresters to be thinking about sustainability 
issues and managing the FORESTS, for a lot more than just how many trees 
can be clearcut this year!  Foresters can and should play a powerful 
role in managing and protecting forests... even corporate 
foresters... but they continue to throw away their credibility and much 
of their social value by espousing arrogantly that THEY don't need none 
of that feely touchy stuff... WE don't want to be sensitive and our 
professional society shouldn't try to drag us kicking into the 
twentieth century. Heck... It might be good for us.. and we can't be 
having that, now can we...

Well listen up bubba, corporate foresters or government... we serve 
at the whim and grace of the American public.  If we are being chased off
of the national forests... and now even private forests..  it is not because
of some damn environmentalists and some spotted owls... It is because 
the public is not supporting us blindly any more.  If we continue to 
arrogantly tell everyone we don't want to be better listeners..that we 
don't want to learn to work cooperatively.. well we just won't have 
to.. because people will just keep ignoring us more and more and we will
lose more ground as individuals and as a profession.

SAF is NOT all it could be.  But it is willing to fight FOR our 
profession with neanderthals who are unable or unwilling to see the 
trouble we have brought down UPON OURSELVES by our shortsightedness and 
preoccupation with harvesting everything that stands still. 

If you are not worried about them owls becoming obsolete, you might 
wonder if anyone will care if foresters go that way too....??? 

Richard W. Fox
Global Resource Consultants

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