helecopter logging

Darryl & Sharon Jones wiljones at southtech.net
Mon Jan 20 20:23:08 EST 1997

MJCESAR wrote:
> Does anyone know where I can get some information on helecopter logging.
> When is it used, what are the benefits, trade-offs, etc.
> Thanks
> Mary Cesar
> Jaakko Poyry Consulting (North America)
> ph. +1.914.332.4000
> fx. +1.914.332-4411Just thought I'd add my two cents worth. After hurricane hugo hit South 
Carolina in 1989, helicopter logging was used in some areas for salvage 
in swamps nad/or low areas to avoid soil impacts, especially on the 
Francis Marion NF. Also, one local company uses helicopter logging for 
harvesting in swamps for high-value hardwoods.

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