New group, was: Re: SAF is a big help

Michael Hagen mhagen at
Tue Jan 21 12:19:58 EST 1997

That's true.  The original idea came from someone in Sweden (I think)
and it didn't seem unreasonable. There has always been problem with
communication skills in this field. Foresters I have known seem more
concerned and bett at "doing it" as opposed to "talking about it". 
However, this is up to the agroforestry people as well.  If they don't
mind, I don't mind. Setting up a new group will involve a lot of work
and input from an occasionally quiet group. The taxonomic set up of
Usenet ought to have put a general forestry group ahead of agroforestry,
but there probably wasn't a need at the time.
M. Hagen

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