SAF is a big help

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Jan 21 08:34:45 EST 1997

Michael Hagen wrote:
> Correction to the last post:
>         the group to look at is news.announce.newgroups
> M. Hagen

Cool. I suggest a title of bionet.forest-management or something like
that. Do you want the chore? If not, I'll do it; being self employed- or
actually self unemployed I have the time to do this. I agree that it
should be "broadbased unmoderated discussion". Perhaps we could let a
few more days go by and see what others here suggest; then either or
both of us could tackle this. Then, once it's a "fait accompli" the SAF
will offer us a "meritorious achievement" award. <G>

When it's up and running we could draw more attention by mentioning it
in various other newsgroups that have an outdoorsy interest- from the
hunting types to the Sierra club.

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