New group, was: Re: SAF is a big help

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Jan 23 18:00:22 EST 1997

I'm for the new group and I think Don Staples is too. But I'm not sure
if 3 people can make a newsgroup. <G> If it seemed difficult to set up
it would probably be easier if it were to become an "alt" group-
anything goes there.

But then again if you look at the absurd titles for some groups, maybe
it is possible.

Or maybe the agroforesters can just tolerate us and maybe learn
something from us and we from them.

If there was a real forestry newsgroup- perhaps all those thousands of
members of the SAF, the state foresters, timber merchants and of course
the crem-de-la-crem of foresters- the consultants would get involved.
This is a much better opportunity for this profession to talk over the
complex issues of land management as it "interfaces" with the
environmental movement (being a crossover like I am) than going to
conventions, meetings in state offices- where the discussions tend to be
"top down" affairs. The net is a very democratic environment compared to
the SAF where the "big whigs" tell us the correct way to do our work.

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