Future use of biosci.agroforestry

Joseph Zorzin redoak at vgernet.net
Thu Jan 23 17:49:44 EST 1997

John Skillman wrote:
> My agroforestry interests are growing crops with trees--from a
> scientific and a practical perspective--and I came to this newsgroup a
> month ago hoping to find others with similar interests.  Not here!  So
> there is at least one agroforester here that is complaining.
> John

Hmmm.... Since altogether there isn't much traffic here, even if much of
it has gone to something other than agroforestry, that isn't stopping
agroforesters from comming here. Perhaps if more agroforesters jumped in
the we mud on our boots non agroforesters would find another home. I
suggest somehow stirring up your fellow agroforesters.

I'm all for starting another group for field foresters but there seems
to be limited interest and a strong resistance. My mother always said
that I can't always have what I want in life. <G>

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