JanCzek janczek at
Thu Jan 23 09:53:32 EST 1997

Portable Compost/Soil /Landfill Gas Monitor

New  portable battery operated gas  monitor simultaneously measures O2,
CO2 and CH4  gases evolving from compost, soil or landfill.  It is
equipped with its own air sampling pump, pressure monitor for both ambient
and deferential pressures, thermistor temperature meter and on board data
logger.  It utilizes infrared gas analyzers for measuring CO2 and CH4 and
electrochemical fuel cell for O2 measurements.
It can measure O2 concentration in the range 0 to 25%, CO2 in the range 0
to 100% and CH4 in the range 0-100%.  Gas analyzer s response time is
approximately 30 sec. 
If you need such measurements ,drop me a note  with your address and I
will mail you more information.
janczek at

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