Low-cost, High-end Web Sites for Enviromental Organizations

Durrell admin at ecoalliance.com
Thu Jan 23 14:12:37 EST 1997

The ECO Alliance web site package is designed to provide affordable,
effective web sites for environmentally and socially responsible
companies.  It allows you to present and promote your cause within an
expandable framework that may be customized to meet your company¹s needs. 
It¹s ideal for companies who want to establish a substantial Internet
presence but have no need nor budget to employ excessive web-effects.

Here is what you¹ll receive:

   € Choose any of 3 web site graphic styles
   € 5 web pages of information
      - Home Page
      - Products and Services
      - Achievements
      - Think Tank
      - Action!
   € 5 scanned images
   € 5 links
   € Free web site marketing 

ECO has been helping companies with communications for over 5 years and
are proud to extend our services into the realm of cyberspace. Visit our
web site at http://www.ecoalliance.com for complete details!

We Deliver Quality Plus Satisfaction!

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