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Michael Hagen mhagen at mail.olympus.net
Fri Jan 24 13:25:25 EST 1997

Gerry Lawson wrote:
> Re: recent discussion on the need for a new 'Forestry' usegroup
> This group was set up in 1989 to meet the needs of the agroforestry
> community & notionally I'm still the 'discussion leader'.  Over recent years
> I've tried to encourage (with little success) the use of the forum for
> agroforestry discussion rather than field forestry US style.  I also
> conducted a poll around 6 months ago asking whether the list should be
> moderated to screen out junk and irrelevant mail.  However only 12
> members voted, of which only 9 wanted moderation.  Now that the junk
> & abusive mail has reduced I'm less keen to take on the hastle of
> moderating messages & am happy to leave things as they are....
> ..... However another usenet group with 'forestry' in the title would have
> the advantage of attacting US users who have a general question but
> don't want to subscribe to the more specialist international forestry
> newsgroups (e.g funet.fi (send message to mailserver at nic.funet.fi
> saying 'subscribe forest firstname lastname)).  Have a look at
> www.metla.fi/info/vlib/forestry.html for a good summary of forestry lists.
> So .... if having had a look at the available lists you really want another
> one then by all means set it up.   I'm not sure what the protocol is now
> but you could contact the administrator of biosci
> (biosci-help at net.bio.net) for advice?
> cheers, Gerry Lawson
> >>> <server-daemon at dl.ac.uk> 23/January/1997 01:57am >>>
> The only reason to consider a new group is that supposedly
> "agroforestry" is something different from field forestry as practiced
> in America and that those agroforesters (still don't know what that
> means) might not like us non agroforesters muscling in on their
> territory. But then again there isn't exactly a crowd of agroforesters
> here complaining. So.. I guess without a stampeed for a new group, we'll
> use this one. <G>
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Very pleased to meet you, Mr. Lawson<
	If you as a long time watcher/moderator of this group feel that we new
forestry people aren't too out of line, then fine, I like it here too. 		
	My particular slant has slowly become finding the optimum use of the
riparian edge.  I commonly work with fisheries biologists, hydraulic
engineers, farmers and native tribes in Washington State. The landowner
(farmer, householder, timber owner) always wants some benefit whether it
be logs, scenery, an understory cash crop or erosion control.  These are
economic as well as ecological benefits and any landmanager who
dismisses them is missing a bet. Forestry, done well, is no longer just
a harvest, plant and wait scenario.  There are dozens of site related
activities a forest consultant can do to round out a practice. Maybe
when you lump it all together it's not forestry anymore but something
else.  Agroforestry?

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