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Ron Wenrich woodtick at lebmofo.com
Sat Jan 25 01:06:34 EST 1997

Virgin timber into pulp?  Not hardly.  Pulp generally comes from smaller
trees from 6 inch to 12 inch diameter, and tree tops.  Poor quality and
species of low market value may also get into the mix.  Pulp mills cannot
handle material over 28 inches.

Alcohol from hemp?  I believe you will find that a greater yield per acre
can come from sugar beets or corn.  Corn also gives a high grade livestock
feed as a byproduct.  I believe that alcohol production should be
encouraged.  However, government really resists the idea of using alcohol
instead of gasoline.  There is a problem of control and taxation.  It is
possible for anyone to build a still in their backyard and produce fuel
quality alcohol.  The problem is who pays road taxes?  It is easier for
government to tax a few large producers then it is to tax hundreds of
thousands of small producers.  Fuel quality alcohol only has to be about 80
proof, unless it is mixed with gasoline, which requires 190 proof.  This
higher proof is much harder to produce.  It is currently being added to
gasoline and sold as premium.  If you call it gasohol, it can't be sold;
but, call it premium and the people flock to it.  A neat marketing strategy
by the petroleum group.

The other side product from hemp propogation is drugs.  It is a naturally
occuring weed in Iowa, referred to the locals as Iowauna.  Marijuana is the
leading cash ag crop in Kentucky, so I've read.  Of course, if it was
legalized, then there wouldn't be much of a problem, and the economics of
hemp production would probably be more realistic.

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