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LPayne1009 lpayne1009 at
Sun Jan 26 21:56:36 EST 1997

I was glad to find this place, am new to the net and was looking for the
folks in my field.  Interesting to read the discussions so far.  Let my
SAF membership lapse 'cause I wasn't getting much out of the mag. and was
too lazy or busy to join any of it's working groups.  Some of your
comments pinned it for me, SAF too "soft", issues are the same ones I see
every day on the job.  I work for a large federal agency (guess) and EM
etc. is BIG.  Was hoping to find good research papers and tech. info in
SAF, not more politics.  
  Took extra courses at school, in fact somewhat designed my B.S., tho
focus was Forestry.  Trade off was missing some of the "classics" (sniff
and whittle, and logging systems).  Took extra soils (my second "love"),
some wildlife courses, even environ. law.  Some use in taking extra other
classes, get more familiar w/ other concerns.  Still nothing substitutes
getting out on the ground and looking at both the trees AND the forest. 
Gained a lot of respect for some fallers and other woods workers.  When
it's a family tradition and you spend you're life in it, I think folks
become self-made naturalists - if that's the word.  In my mind nothing
substitutes for experience, combined w/ a brain that can process it and
learn cause and effect.  Lots comes down to common sense.  'Course I'm no
old-timer like some folks here sound like.  I'm still a pup, in my early
  Enough chit chat, here's a real question to throw out there.  I run our
reforestation program and am thinking of trying some fertilizer.  i.e. the
teabags or tablets you plant w/ the tree.  In No. Cal. water is most
limiting but it still seems to me this could give a boost when there is a
growing window.  Any experiences with this stuff?  I've seen research
that's shown both an effect and no effect.

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