Future use of biosci.agroforestry

Brian Simm b_simm at conknet.com
Mon Jan 27 22:32:50 EST 1997

Gerry Lawson wrote:
> Re: recent discussion on the need for a new 'Forestry' usegroup
> This group was set up in 1989 to meet the needs of the agroforestry
> community & notionally I'm still the 'discussion leader'.  Over recent years
> I've tried to encourage (with little success) the use of the forum for
> agroforestry discussion rather than field forestry US style.  I also
> conducted a poll around 6 months ago asking whether the list should be
> moderated to screen out junk and irrelevant mail.  However only 12
> members voted, of which only 9 wanted moderation.  Now that the junk
> & abusive mail has reduced I'm less keen to take on the hastle of
> moderating messages & am happy to leave things as they are....
> ..... However another usenet group with 'forestry' in the title would have
> the advantage of attacting US users who have a general question but
> don't want to subscribe to the more specialist international forestry
> newsgroups (e.g funet.fi (send message to mailserver at nic.funet.fi
> saying 'subscribe forest firstname lastname)).  Have a look at
> www.metla.fi/info/vlib/forestry.html for a good summary of forestry lists.
> So .... if having had a look at the available lists you really want another
> one then by all means set it up.   I'm not sure what the protocol is now
> but you could contact the administrator of biosci
> (biosci-help at net.bio.net) for advice?
> cheers, Gerry Lawson
> >>> <server-daemon at dl.ac.uk> 23/January/1997 01:57am >>>
> The only reason to consider a new group is that supposedly
> "agroforestry" is something different from field forestry as practiced
> in America and that those agroforesters (still don't know what that
> means) might not like us non agroforesters muscling in on their
> territory. But then again there isn't exactly a crowd of agroforesters
> here complaining. So.. I guess without a stampeed for a new group, we'll
> use this one. <G>
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I for one would just as soon stay at this site. I'm an old retired 
forester and like to read the messages right here. On occasion I do try 
to add my two cents. So if we're not taking up to much space I say to 
the foresters lets stay here. By the way. Just what agroforestry? Does 
someone have an official definition?

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