Ectomicorriza variety Hondurensis

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Mon Jan 27 12:50:02 EST 1997

David Lanza Tirado <dnahum at> wrote in article
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> I need information about the Ectomicorriza variety Hondurensis in Caribe
> Pine Viveros 
> (I call "viveros" the site were the seeds of pine grows up)
> Any information, paper, etc. is fine.  If you can, i need too,
> in spanish, if not, does'nt matter.
> Were in the web could i find it?
> Thank you very much.
> David Lanza Tirado
> dnahum at

Sorry, it is not Ectomicorriza variety Hondurensis, is Caribaea Pine
variety Hondurensis

I need information about micorriza in Caribaea Pine variety Hondurensis

Thank you.
		David Lanza Tirado

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