Forestry and the A:B Cleavage

Jack Clifford clifford at
Tue Jan 28 22:35:16 EST 1997

Re: Recent comments on agroforestry.

There have been a number of recent comments on how appropriate the title of
this Newsgroup is to "dirt foresters". Well, I've been a dirt forester -
although that was many years ago.  I recently vacationed in Montana and
spent several happy afternoons looking at stand condition and stocking of
timber sales I administered thirty years ago. Given some of the comments on
this site, I think the title of agroforestry is probably appropriate.

I would like to remind those in my profession of an old book, one that has
some currency with people in the environmental movement - Aldo Leopold's 
'A Sand County Almanac and Round River.'  In that book, Leopold discusses
the cleavage between those who see Forestry as agriculture and those who
see it as something more, admittedly a hard to define more.

Anyway, this group may serve for those on the A sde of the cleavage. For
those of us on the B side, it is not sufficient.

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