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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Fri Jul 11 16:42:21 EST 1997

Max Edward Keele wrote:
>    1. Ever hear of hemp?  Makes good paper and textiles, grows anywhere--
> without pestisides-- grows fast, and replants itself.

You mean the "evil weed"? With roots in hell?

>    2. See above.  Also, hemp-based welfare checks would be just as good
> for lumber workers laid off by profit-pig corporations who discover
> cheaper off-shore sources of wood: ie, the pillage of rainforests in
> Malaysia, Brazil, etc.

Yuh, but they'd be smoking them checks. Who'd blame them?

>    3. Responsible forestry is possible, and even creates more jobs than
> the old-style.  You remember: company clear-cuts 2000 year old redwoods,
> makes it into patio furniture, moves on to next grove.  Because of groups
> like Greenpeace, forest industry now replants, at least sometimes.  Before
> Greenpeace?  Why replant when, shucks, there's plenty more old-growth
> where that last bunch came from!

What- ya gotta problem with America's premiere cultural accomplishement-
patio furniture? Dissing patio furniture is almost as Unamerican as
burning the flag. Hey, those 2,000 year old trees are gettin old, they
can't live forever ya know. 

>    4. Public opinion (Greenpeace's primary weapon) is the ONLY WAY to
> ever convince corporate resource plunders to behave in more responsible
> ways.

Oh heck, those corporate executives are real nice guys. Haven't you seen
those ads showing the beautiful young lady forester gently planting tree
seedlings? You mean you don't think that seedling is as wonderful as
that decrepit 2,000 yr. old specimen?

> You know, the really funny part of all this is that the lumber workers
> have yet again fallen for Management's traditional deception:  If you
> let them dirty tree-huggers make us act reasonably, and cut our huge
> windfall profits, we'll be forced to take away your (demanding, underpaid,
> unsafe, and doomed-to-be-replaced-by-automation-anyway) jobs. Never mind
> that we're still paying our CEOs MILLION DOLLAR BONUSES, heck, they need
> their jobs, too.

Yuh, but they're worth those millions. After all, they're daddies sent
them to Harvard and it's only reasonable that the top honcho gets paid
hundreds of times as the guy breaking his back in the woods. It's the
natural order of things. You see, some people are SUPERIOR beings. They
have a right and need to own several luxury homes, several luxury cars,
and to even have medical insurance. The "untermenchen" can live just
fine in their alluminum trailors. And since they have good healthy
outdoor jobs, they don't need medical insurance.

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