pH rising and chlorophyll damage

Woo, Jong Ho woo00 at CHOLLIAN.DACOM.CO.KR
Sun Jul 13 09:50:43 EST 1997

Hi netters
Recently i studied for environmental buffering of some trees leaves.
But i supect it is alright?
1. when i dipping leaves of some tree with various range of pH
solution(2.0-6.0) and various treat time pH is rising or down to one pH line.
2. And chlorophyll content was not lose except pH 2.0.
3. Lastly, by above result it is certainly that the tree have
environmental(acid    rain) tolerance and can planted in air pollution
territory as downtown and      industrial complex?
I appreciate any kind of your advice.

Thank you

Woo, Jong Ho
woo00 at

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