Dolf Wood from the Okavango forest in Namibia

John Olari jolari at
Mon Jul 28 04:38:57 EST 1997

Hi all,
  My father-in-law sent me a few small pieces of "Dolf" wood.  The wood
comes from the forests of the Okavango river region.  I have searched
the few books that I have and I can't find any reference to Dolf wood. 
I was wondering if anyone from Namibia or South Africa might know what
the scientific name for this wood is and any other common names for the
wood.  The grain on the wood is similar to oak and the wood has a
reddish orange brown color similar to mahogany.  I also know that the
dried seeds of the tree look like a round leaf with a hairy growth in
the center.  I hope all these details help.  I would really like to get
some information on the trees such as how large they grow, how fast they
grow, what type of properties the wood has, etc.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated.  I lurk in this newsgroup often so you can reply to
me here or e-mail me at jolari at

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