Estimating woody biomass with Landsat MSS

Jeroen Ticheler JTicheler at
Sun Jun 8 15:23:34 EST 1997

I'm looking for researches that where conducted on the estimation of woody
biomass trough analysis of Landsat MSS images, especially for drier zones

I'm working on a multitemporal analysis on changes in the amount of woody
plants in some parts of West-Africa, I would like to use a proofed method
to estimate this amount.

Furthermore I am interested in possible sources for additional  Landsat
images (Bands 5, 6 and 7!?), especially the older ones (between 1972 and
1980), covering Eastern Burkina Faso (North and East of Ouagadougou) and
South-Eastern Mali (Dogon area)

Every suggestion is welcome and appreciated,
Jeroen Ticheler
Student Tropical Forestry and GIS, Wageningen Agricultural University
6701 DM 14, Netherlands
JTicheler at

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