**NEW** Wood Industry Online Database (http://www.woodinfo.net)

Erik erik at vip.net
Wed Jun 11 15:08:49 EST 1997

There is now a FREE online database located at http://www.woodinfo.net .  This
database is open to the public to search for wood and forestry related events 
which are taking place world-wide.  Woodinfo.net also includes a company 
database for the public to find specific, subject related companies and shows 
information including description, e-mail address, and the company's web page. 

 Web users can also submit new entries to the database and add to the already 
growing system.

If you have any suggestions, we encourage you to contact us using the 
email feature of this site. We also would encourage you to add your events to 
our page and if your company is on the Internet now, please feel free to add 
your company's information to the woodinfo.net database.

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