School in England looking for information for a worthy cause.

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Perhaps a few folks out there may be able to contribute some good
to these people.

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Subj:  Re: FORESTRY for our SCHOOLS
Date:  97-06-12 18:40:17 EDT
From:  Pdbyford        
Posted on:  America Online

I would like some information on setting up a tree planting project at my
daughters school in Brighton England.  The school is called St
Bartholomews and there are 200 children on the roll.  We had the idea to
get the kids to plant a seed each and when the sapling grows to a
reasonable height to donate them to the local council for the local parks.
 The idea came from reading about tree nurseries in Kenya and India in
primary and secondary schools.  

Do you know of any equivalent organisations (ie National Tree Trust) in
Britain as I  would like to set up a tree planting project at a primary
school in Brighton England and would like some practical tips.  thanks. 

You can e-mail me at pbyford at

Barbara Wilson.
29 Coleman Street,
Brighton, BN22SQ, 
.                       England

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