HELP!!! My pines are dying - what can I do? (jpg attached)

Kathleen Brown kats at
Fri Jun 13 00:14:09 EST 1997

> > One of my pine trees started browning in spring and is now totally dry
> > (see picture). I fertilized it (I was told the soil was not acid
having not seen the picture, i don't quite know what to visualize...  how
old is 
your pine tree?  and where are you?  what type of ecology did you 
plant this tree in?  what type of pine?  whether you fertilize or not
greatly upon the ecology you are in - sometimes fertilizer can accelerate
demise of a poor site...> 
> My assumptions are that this is Eastern White Pine somewhere in the
> Eastern United States.  Additional information will be required for a
> definitive answer, but there are two key causes to research.  The first
> is White Pine Blister Rust, which is common but not indicated by the
> photos.  
white pine blister rust is very recognizable in all stages of development -

The second is a problem seen in red and white pines in New York
> and Pennsylvania where soils have poor internal drainage and there has
> been heavy rainfall during May, a period of normally high root growth. 
> The trees will fade in spots, usually the lowest areas first.
pines (all that i have seen) prefer to be well drained - be it dry or wet,
definitely makes a difference (although, the tenaciousness of pine....

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