Senior scientist position, mountain vegetation remote sensing, Sweden.

Steve Joyce steve.joyce at
Fri Jun 13 06:26:54 EST 1997

Umeå University, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
invite applications for a scientist to lead the remote sensing of
vegetation group for the Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) from
Kiruna, Sweden. The CIRC is a research consortium with participants from
three universities and from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. It
was established with four-year grants from EU structural funds together
with Swedish regional funds to initiate and undertake research on the
consequences of climate changes and other forms of environmental stress
on terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and glaciers. The remote
sensing of vegetation group will establish permanent test areas for
remote sensing of mountain vegetation and the most northern boreal
vegetation. The scientific activities within the group will focus on:
studying reflectance changes over the vegetation season; assessing the
potential for mapping biomass, vegetation classes and reflectance using
different sensors; and the use of remote sensing data in wildlife
ecology research. Applicants must hold a PhD related to remote sensing
of vegetation and have a significant record of independent research in
this field. Facilities for research will be provided at the Abisko
Scientific Research Station and in Kiruna.
For further information, contact:
Professor Håkan Olsson,
e-mail: Hakan.Olsson at
Phone: +46 90 166198
Fax: +46 90 141915
The Abisko Scientific Research station is on the web at:
Applications should include descriptions of research accomplishments and
teaching experience, curriculum vitae, 5 relevant publications and the
names of three references.  The application deadline is July 3, 1997.
Materials submitted by fax before the deadline are acceptable provided
the originals follow by regular mail.  Send applications marked with
reference number 2914/97-0074 to:
The Registrar,
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
Box 7070, S-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden
Fax: +46 18 672000


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