Fire lookout towers

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>Are there any other fire tower alumni out there?  It has been years since
>was on the towers in Oregon.  It was a great life.  Are there still
>fire towers in your area?  The Oregon coast has gone to airplane or
>helicopters so there is no place left close to show my daughters.  Where
>was your tower and when were you living there? 

When I started working for the Georgia Forestry Commission in 1984, they
still used towers extensively with seasonal aircraft detection.  I filled
in for our tower operator a few weekends...those are long days!  There are
still a few tower operators here in Alabama...most of them are just
working toward retirement.  They don't actually do much work in the towers
except on high class days.  Most of the remaining fire towers are not
serviceable....they just hold up a variety of radio antennas.


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