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Patrice Bouchardon patrice.bouchardon at
Sun Jun 15 08:01:31 EST 1997

Hi all,

This is a message for all tree lovers
I am currently writing a book about The relationship we can have with
Trees, and I need your contribution.

I would be interested in receiving from you :

- the story of a personal experience you have had with trees.

- any datas about knowledge and tradition of native people about trees
(legends, traditional ways of healing with trees,...), or folk

- any experience which foicuses on helping people to have a creative
contact with trees. If you know an organization anywhere in the world
which promotes such an approach, please let me know.

- any information about the energy fields of trees.

Please E-mail this message to all people who are interested in trees.

All sources of information will be acknowledged in the book if you

All contributions greatfully received.


Patrice.Bouchardon at

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