What is happening to Ilanthus trees?

COMPUTERCRAFT aolsz at computercraft.com
Sun Jun 15 17:41:29 EST 1997

Hambone wrote:

> I live in North Eastern New Jersey, about 8 miles West of NYC and I
> have
> noticed just this morning that the perennial tree of the New Jersey
> meadowlands, Ilanthus, seems to be suffering from some sort of
> disease.
> I was always under the impression that not even railroad defoliant
> could
> suppress these trees for very long ( they grow profusely along rail
> beds)
> but something is affecting the trees in the New Jersey area.
> The tops of the trees are either denuded of leaves, or they are wilted
> and dying. This is amongst trees that are foliated this year. There
> were
> a number ( perhaps 10-15% ) which seemed to have already died. Almost
> ALL trees displayed symptoms from the groups that I saw, which were at
> the western edge of the meadowlands.
> Anybody have any info?
> Hambone

 There was a lot in the news about this last summer.  The general belief
was that year's extreme winter and the concomitant road salt had
weakened the trees.

Perhaps this years long cool spring is the problem.  I seem to have lost
my beloved Caladiums!


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