What is happening to Ilanthus trees?

Bill Cavanaugh billcav at pobox.com
Sun Jun 15 20:15:17 EST 1997

My wife, who writes for the South Bergenite newspaper, just asked me
to pass this along:

The Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission (HMDC) can be
contacted at 201-460-1700. They're the government agency in charge of
the Meadowlands, most likely including the area you're concerned

Bill and Nancy Cavanaugh

On Sun, 15 Jun 1997 09:01:44 -0700, Hambone <hambone9 at ix.netcom.com>

>I live in North Eastern New Jersey, about 8 miles West of NYC and I have
>noticed just this morning that the perennial tree of the New Jersey
>meadowlands, Ilanthus, seems to be suffering from some sort of disease.
>I was always under the impression that not even railroad defoliant could
>suppress these trees for very long ( they grow profusely along rail
>but something is affecting the trees in the New Jersey area.
>The tops of the trees are either denuded of leaves, or they are wilted
>and dying. This is amongst trees that are foliated this year. There were
>a number ( perhaps 10-15% ) which seemed to have already died. Almost
>ALL trees displayed symptoms from the groups that I saw, which were at
>the western edge of the meadowlands.
>Anybody have any info?

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