Old growth forest logging

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Jun 16 08:24:41 EST 1997

Theo Hopkins wrote:

> D Braun talks about 'anti-capitalist greens'.
> Maybe he is getting confused with timber volume (cash value of forests)
> and all the other value of forests, such as the spiritual values, which
> have no known financial value.

Well, you know, those good capitalists will have you believe the only
religion you need is the local conservative born again Christian Church.
Spiritual values in the forest? Oh, that's for those communist pagans,
who we all know are very dangerous persons!

And of course, all American forestry schools teach that to see the
forest turned into a factory for the production of boards and shootable
animals is very spiritual indeed.

I'm a forester so I know the "party line" and I have nothing against the
production of boards and shootable animals (although hunting doesn't
turn me on- in fact I find it disgusting), but the fuller perspective,
i.e. giving consideration to the other values is not a way to get
promoted through the ranks in the American forest "industry" or the
American bureaucracies which is why I'm an independant consultant.

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