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Mon Jun 16 11:20:07 EST 1997


My name is Jim Quinn.  We've been in contact in the past.  I started the
company that introduced Terra-Sorb to the market in 1979.  Last year I
sold the company and recently established a new company to continue to
service my customers with superabsorbents.    Our pledge, as always, is to
provide you with:

- superior service
- superior products
- fair pricing

Soon I will be offering mycorrhizal inoculants for the various
applications in which these materials can be used to influence plant
growth and maintenance.  I will keep you posted when these new products
are available.

I would like to do business with you and give to you, and your company,
the service and quality products that you deserve.  Visit our web page at:

 and send me an E-Mail, or give me a call for further information.  I look
forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to serve you again.


Jim Quinn

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