coppice species

Permaculture West permawest at
Wed Jun 18 11:32:22 EST 1997

	I am currently designing a polycultural coppice woodlot on my farm in the
Pacific NW.  To date I have planted black walnut intercropped with black
alder; chinese and american chestnuts; black & green ash; and shagbark
hickory.  I am interested in exploring other native and exotic varieties of
trees that can be coppiced and have either a high economic value (i.e.
black walnut) or a high product value (craft wood, interior molding, rot
resistance, etc.).  Equally I am interested in the benefits received from
intercropping certain trees and plants (N fixers, bird attractors, mulch
producers) with the dominant coppice species.  I am following permaculture
principles of design to match species' function with location.  Any advice
and/or references would be greatly appreciated.   

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