CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

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Thu Jun 19 12:09:35 EST 1997

Steve Segrest wrote:
> Today (Thursday) The Energy and Environmental News Website picks up on a
> story originating from Japan, about a U.S. Senate Resolution calling for
> the U.S. not to agree to binding limits for Greenhouse Gases.
> We Checked out the Congressional Record, and sure enough, it appears
> that almost half of the U.S. Senate already have their minds made up not
> to support binding Greenhouse Gas Limits -- saying that it will cause
> economic disaster for the U.S. -- and that the science is not proven.
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Polarization serves no purpose in dealing with global climate change.
In reading the text of the speech, from the congressional record, I have
the opinion there is negotiation going on there rather than foolish

Dan Gottlieb

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