CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

altavoz altavo19 at
Fri Jun 20 14:01:17 EST 1997

Steve Segrest wrote:
> We Checked out the Congressional Record, and sure enough, it appears
> that almost half of the U.S. Senate already have their minds made up not
> to support binding Greenhouse Gas Limits -- saying that it will cause
> economic disaster for the U.S. -- and that the science is not proven.

science is never "proven", even some of the slobs in congress know that. 

many large scale env. tragedies (e.g. lead in gas, smoking) have been 
allowed to continue using this brain-dead reasoning.  (yes, ethyl corp, 
a.k.a. G.M. and the public health community were totally aware that 
adding lead to gas could lead to a massive poisoning). 

tony tweedale

altavoz: Smoking ?! Smoking does not kill ppl . It gives them a higher
quality life .  Ppl smoke a pack a day for 45 years and live a good
life . George Burns smoked and lived to 100 ? Vit B5 comes from strongly
oxidized nicotine ( smoking gives one vit' B5 ) . It also recarbonates
the blood to relieve the pain of acid blood .

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