coppice tree inquiry

Permaculture West permawest at
Sat Jun 21 03:32:50 EST 1997

	I am currently designing a polycultural coppice plantation on my farm in
the Pacific NW.  To date I have planted Black walnuts intercropped with
black alder; Chinese and American chestnuts; green and black ash; and
shagbark hickory.  I am interested in expanding my selection of native and
exotic species and am primarily looking for varieties with a high economic
value (i.e. black walnut) and ones with a high product value (craft wood,
rot resistance, interior molding, etc.).  I’m also interested in tree and
plant varieties that will benefit my dominant species when interplanted
with them (i.e. N fixation, bird or insect attraction, mulch production). 
I am using permaculture principles of design to match species’ function
with location to create these polycultures.  Any advice or references would
be appreciated.
							permawest at

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