CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

Will Stewart wstewart at
Sun Jun 22 05:49:57 EST 1997

> Smoking ?! Smoking does not kill ppl . It gives them a higher
> quality life .  Ppl smoke a pack a day for 45 years and live a good
> life . George Burns smoked and lived to 100 ? Vit B5 comes from strongly
> oxidized nicotine ( smoking gives one vit' B5 ) . It also recarbonates
> the blood to relieve the pain of acid blood .

And I'm sure hitting one's head with a hammer will stimulate circulation
and encourage the release of dopamine.  

I would suggest that you find other ways of keeping acid levels lower in
your blood.  While you are at it, stop in and visit the lung cancer ward
at your local hospital.

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