CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

Steve Conover, Sr. scsr at
Sun Jun 22 21:51:41 EST 1997

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997 07:36:48 -0600, cmcr at wrote:

>many large scale env. tragedies (e.g. lead in gas, smoking) have been 
>allowed to continue using this brain-dead reasoning.  

If "brain-dead reasoning" means ignoring some of the side effects
of a given political policy, because it is politically
counterproductive to include them, you are correct.  Here are
some examples:

*  The banning of asbestos helped kill the seven Challenger

*  The banning of CFC's is killing third-worlders as we speak, in
spite of the fact that nobody seems interested in reporting it;

*  Recycling of newspapers, instead of burning or burying them,
reduces the number of trees that will be on the planet for future
generations to enjoy.

Banning things requires political power, and that's what the
leaders of the environmental movement are after.  They are
politicians, not scientists, but it is more politically expedient
to call it science instead of politics.  

Why won't they just admit that it's a political agenda they're
pushing?  You gave me the answer I was looking for: they are
merely politicians using brain-dead reasoning.  Thanks.


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