CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

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Mon Jun 23 12:13:00 EST 1997

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Steve Conover, Sr. <Xscsr at> wrote:
>If "brain-dead reasoning" means ignoring some of the side effects
>of a given political policy, because it is politically
>counterproductive to include them, you are correct.  Here are
>some examples:
>*  The banning of asbestos helped kill the seven Challenger

But the primary cause was a management decision to fly at a
termperature below which the rocket engines had been certified for.

>*  The banning of CFC's is killing third-worlders as we speak, in
>spite of the fact that nobody seems interested in reporting it;

Do you have good numbers of the tradeoffs?

>*  Recycling of newspapers, instead of burning or burying them,
>reduces the number of trees that will be on the planet for future
>generations to enjoy.

This is a bit hard to follow.

>Banning things requires political power, and that's what the
>leaders of the environmental movement are after.  They are
>politicians, not scientists, but it is more politically expedient
>to call it science instead of politics.

How many of the leaders of environmental groups do uyou know. The
ones I know seem to be much less interested in political power that
the leaders of industry that I have known.

>Why won't they just admit that it's a political agenda they're
>pushing?  You gave me the answer I was looking for: they are
>merely politicians using brain-dead reasoning.  Thanks.

You might add IYO.
"When we talk to God we are praying; when God talksto us, we
	 are schizophrenic." -- Lily Tomlin


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