CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

Hugh Davies huge at
Mon Jun 23 02:01:22 EST 1997

In article <3D0E9D2FB0E713A7.E275B1BBDE9E967F.AE6008F485588F5C at>, scsr at (Steve Conover, Sr.) writes:

>*  The banning of asbestos helped kill the seven Challenger

Drivel. I suggest you read the addendum to Richard Feynman's book where
he describes why the seals failed.

>*  The banning of CFC's is killing third-worlders as we speak, in
>spite of the fact that nobody seems interested in reporting it;

Drivel. No-one has died of the effects of CFCs.

>*  Recycling of newspapers, instead of burning or burying them,
>reduces the number of trees that will be on the planet for future
>generations to enjoy.

Drivel. And incomprehensible drivel, at that. 

>Banning things requires political power, and that's what the
>leaders of the environmental movement are after.

Well, you got that bit right. Most greens are like melons; green
on the outside and red in the middle.

"The British are subtle, but nasty when provoked."  --spaf [Remove "_nospam" for email]

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