CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

Joe Buck jbuck at
Mon Jun 23 00:07:55 EST 1997

Xscsr at writes:
>*  The banning of asbestos helped kill the seven Challenger

Nonsense.  No amount of asbestos would have saved them from the engine
explosion caused by the O-ring failure.  Where did you get this lie from?
Nasa insisted on flying in freezing weather when the booster rocket's
joints were held together by a material that was too stiff at that
temperature to seal.  No amount of asbestos would have done any good,
period.  No coherent argument of this form can be made.  So please
identify if you can the liar who is originating this tale.

>*  The banning of CFC's is killing third-worlders as we speak, in
>spite of the fact that nobody seems interested in reporting it;

Another lie, since even if a ban would kill "third-worlders", CFCs have
not been banned yet, they are merely being phased out.  Please explain why
you think this.

>*  Recycling of newspapers, instead of burning or burying them,
>reduces the number of trees that will be on the planet for future
>generations to enjoy.

Where do you this bizarre idea?  What a brain-dead notion. 

>Banning things requires political power, and that's what the
>leaders of the environmental movement are after.

Only some of the more moderate environmentalists are after political
power: they are the ones that are willing to settle for half-measures just
so they have a seat at the table and can hob-nob with Al Gore and the like
(e.g. they are willing to sell out).  The committed environmentalists do
it for love, because they believe in it.

This is called "projection".  It is the anti-environmentalists who are
in in for a narrow, short-term self-interest; because of their short-
sightedness they often act against their own long-term interest.

>They are
>politicians, not scientists, but it is more politically expedient
>to call it science instead of politics.  

You spew forth a bunch of "facts" that are just total crap, and you then
have the nerve to question the science on the other side?

-- Joe Buck

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