CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

John Alway jalway at
Mon Jun 23 23:04:07 EST 1997

Richard Foy wrote:
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> Hugh Davies <huge at> wrote:

> >Well, you got that bit right. Most greens are like melons; green
> >on the outside and red in the middle.

> IMO that last statement is not accurate, from the leaders of various
> environmental groups I have known.

	  That's not surprising, as most followers of a movement 
	aren't like a movement's leaders.  Many of them are simply
	being duped by the relentless propoganda.  Notice how often
	it is stated (by media types, etc.) that global warming is a 
	fact, as if it has been established.   It hasn't been at
	all, and, in fact, data shows a statistically signficant
	(though slight) downward trend in temperatures over the last 
	18 years or so. 

	  This is how virtually all environmental propoganda is
	spread, i.e. unquestioningly.

	  I mean, how often do you see some program on the tube where
	an environmentalists is presented as some sort of an idealist
	(gag), and that he's fighting terrible problem X.  Here you are
	looking at the idiots in the media, talking to some environmental
	zealot, and they both accept unquestioningly the truth of a 
	highly dubious premise.  And then you see a bevy of high
	school students effusively speaking on environmental concerns,
	and admonishing those who haven't seen the light!?!? The god
	damned public schools are teaching this junk and they aren't
	teaching people how to think!!! (Do any of you who went through
	this propoganda stop to ask yourselves, is this true what I'm
	being taught?  Anyone?)

	  It's like walking into a religious argument concerning the
	number of angels that can stand on the head of a pin.  Such an
	argument can go on forever, but there is one big question.  What
	the _hell_ is an angel! and what is your evidence for their

	  Humans who don't use reason are ripe to fall prey to just such 
	thinking _all_the_time_, and so long as they don't use reason, they 
	will continue to go for junk science, ufos, environmentalism, alleged
	religious signs written in cookies, etc.  They are simply not 
	intellectually armed to deal with bad ideas.  The penalty for such 
	thinking isn't minor.  If we end up with too many people like this, 
	we'll see society go down the tubes but fast, and deaths will occur on
	a massive scale, as it takes great brain power and reason to keep 
	a modern society afloat (think about it).  _This_, I submit, is the 
	real pestilence upon this world, and the only reason environmentalism
	has any recognition.

	  I'll quote Thomas Jefferson's advice to his nephew,
	Peter Carr (age 17):

	"Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal
	every fact, every opinion.  Question with boldness even the
	existence of god; because, if there be one, he much more respect
	the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear."


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