CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

John Alway jalway at
Mon Jun 23 22:32:44 EST 1997

Richard Foy wrote:
> In article <3D0E9D2FB0E713A7.E275B1BBDE9E967F.AE6008F485588F5C at>,
> Steve Conover, Sr. <Xscsr at> wrote:

> >If "brain-dead reasoning" means ignoring some of the side effects
> >of a given political policy, because it is politically
> >counterproductive to include them, you are correct.  Here are
> >some examples:

> >*  The banning of asbestos helped kill the seven Challenger
> >astronauts;
> But the primary cause was a management decision to fly at a
> termperature below which the rocket engines had been certified for.

	  The asbestos was more resilient than its replacement,
	and thus would have kept the challenger accident from
	occurring.  I recall Feynman noted this lack of resilience.  
	So, thus far we have environmentalists responsible for the 
	deaths of 2 million per year in India, and the deaths of 
	the Challenger astronauts.

	  Note, the asbestos that was banned is the harmless 
	variety (or virtually harmless, as almost nothing is
	truly harmless).  In fact, the stuff they are making/
	made people take out of buildings (schools, et.c) is
	the harmless variety.



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