CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

Julianne R Bauer juli at
Tue Jun 24 23:11:58 EST 1997

Who's after political power?  I could care diddly about the dolts who 
waste all their money on political games.

I'm just tired of living in a carppy world where the Chemlawn fumes keep 
me from smelling the flowers in my garden, where the litter fills the 
streets and where the preponderence of concrete causes enough runoff to 
flood entire neighborhoods during an early summer rain.  

I've spent 2 years fighting the political powers in my village trying to 
save a grove of rare trees from the developers.  We're still going to get 
the condos and a tax incremental district, because the village has 
defined the green space as a "blighted area" because it's not developed.  
The only concession we have really won is that the developer will have to 
consult with an arborist.  Big deal!  With 38 units in ll buildings and 
tasteful parking and access for 76 vehicles, on less than 10 acres I give 
the trees less than 2 years.  So much for our micro environment.  I'll 
still have my out of zone peach and apricot trees in my part of the 
sheltered valley, but the underground stream will be disrupted and who 
knows what will happen?

Perhaps if we had properly managed the forests in this country instead of 
hearing the siren call of the almight buck, we wouldn't be building these 
luxury condos out of trashy strand board...

> > >Banning things requires political power, 
and that's what the > >leaders of the environmental movement are after.
> Only some of the more moderate environmentalists are after political
> power: they are the ones that are willing to settle for half-measures just
> so they have a seat at the table and can hob-nob with Al Gore and the like
> (e.g. they are willing to sell out).  The committed environmentalists do
> it for love, because they believe in it.
> This is called "projection".  It is the anti-environmentalists who are
> in in for a narrow, short-term self-interest; because of their short-
> sightedness they often act against their own long-term interest.
> >They are
> >politicians, not scientists, but it is more politically expedient
> >to call it science instead of politics.  
> You spew forth a bunch of "facts" that are just total crap, and you then
> have the nerve to question the science on the other side?
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> -- Joe Buck
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