CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Jun 24 18:36:14 EST 1997

Richard Foy wrote:

> The design engineers point out that fact to the management who
> decided to launch anyway. Management killed the astronauts.
> Your arguement is like saying that the designers of guns are
> responsible for the gun related murders in the US.

I'll push that line of reasoning further- why the hell does our society
have to spend countless billions shooting people into space! It's
idiotic when we have real problems down on the ground, like crumbling
schools and overly expensive health care and too many fucking lawyers.
So I blame our entire lunatic, gung ho, yuppie, aggressive, "gotta be #1
in everything" nation, crazed on violence and gigantic orgasms like
rocketing people into orbit. And nobody forced those people to become
astronauts. They knew it was dangerous.

Besides, this entire discussion about rockets has nothing to do with the
CO2 treaty.

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