Pine stand pruning?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Jun 25 05:39:54 EST 1997

Anders Axelsson wrote:
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> > Richard Barnes wrote:
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> > > What season is best? Tolerable?
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> > I don't think this is critical.
> In Sweden we believe it is.The cuts can get infected leading to rot.One
> minimises
> this risk by pruning during the vegetation period i e during the summer
> half of the
> year.Apparently the resin acts as protection against infection.
> AA
> Just back from a two-day pruning session.

I have seen it suggested that pruning in the spring - early summer is
not good because the bark is loose, unless the pruner is very careful.
If the pruner is careless, it's easy to find yourself tearing off more
than just the branches. I should know, from way back when I was a
neophyte forester. <G>

One other thing, I'm always impressed at how fluent in English you
Scandinavians are; more so than most Americans- with all our weird
subcultures. <g>

And.... my favorite movie director is Ingmar Bergman- or is he

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