CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

John Alway jalway at
Thu Jun 26 16:49:05 EST 1997

ejh at (Ed) wrote:

>Don't you really believe that flakes of asbestos cause cancer? I
>thought that was a fairly unconrtoversial conclusion.

	  The blue form, yes, but that's rarely used in the
	U.S.   There was an article in Science magazine a few
	years back comparing the two types of asbestos. (If
	you'd like, I'll see if I can find the reference. )
	Their compositions are very disimilar.  I'm not even sure
	why they categorize them both as asbestos.

>As for the Challenger, blaming it's destruction on the decision to
>remove asbestos from school buildings is quite a stretch!

	  I don't blame it on that, I blame it on those who
	falsely claimed it to be dangerous.

>Aside from that, asbestos is not banned, it could have been used in
>the shuttle.

	    You could be right, the way I got the story, 
	asbestos was not used because of the alleged problems
	with it.

>>         Note, the asbestos that was banned is the harmless 
>>       variety (or virtually harmless, as almost nothing is
>>       truly harmless).  In fact, the stuff they are making/
>>       made people take out of buildings (schools, et.c) is
>>       the harmless variety.

>OK, whatever, but what does that have to do with global warming?

	  I was only responding to the previous posting, but
	since you ask the question, I'd spoil the opportunity
	by not answering.
	  In one sense, asbestos and global warming are disparate
	subject matters.  However, in another sense, there are some
	common patterns from which there is much to learn about
	enviornmentalism and the environmental movement.

	  When you catalogue all of the outrageous and debunked claims
	made by environmentalists there has to be a point where the
	rational among us say "hmmm, perhaps we're being led down
	the prim rose path.  Perhaps the problem isn't the environment,
	but the thinking of environmentalists!"

	  I mean, if you stick around these environmentalists groups
	long enough you wouldn't believe the sheer number of new
	monumental problems people claim to have discovered.


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