CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

Joe Buck jbuck at
Thu Jun 26 18:21:31 EST 1997

John Alway <jalway at> writes:
>>As for the Challenger, blaming it's destruction on the decision to
>>remove asbestos from school buildings is quite a stretch!
>	  I don't blame it on that, I blame it on those who
>	falsely claimed it to be dangerous.

That's really stupid.  Use of asbestos would not have saved Challenger.
Claiming that it did, and then persisting ("I blame it on those ...")
is morally indefensible.  The decision-makers at NASA are responsible
for the Challenger deaths.  People saying asbestos can't be used
have no responsibility, since no use of asbestos would have saved
the astronauts, period.

>	  When you catalogue all of the outrageous and debunked claims
>	made by environmentalists ...

What about outrageous and debunked claims made by anti-environmentalists
in this thread? (that asbestos bans killed the Challenger astronauts, that
the non-existent CFC ban is killing "third worlders", yadda yadda yadda).
Sorry, the environmentalists have a much more solid track record than the
nonsense you've been spouting.
-- Joe Buck

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