CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

John Alway jalway at
Thu Jun 26 21:18:20 EST 1997

Todd M. Bolton wrote:

> John Alway wrote:

> >           I mean, if you stick around these environmentalists groups
> >         long enough you wouldn't believe the sheer number of new
> >         monumental problems people claim to have discovered.

> OR the number of times industry reps and those fighting environmental
> protection legislation have said that the proposed reg would send the

	    To be accurate, you mean environmental "fraud"
	legislation.  DDT springs instantly to mind.

> economy down to the sewage treatment plant mandated by the CWA.

	  Oh, it does.  The extent to which the rights of men
	are violated, is the extent to which the productivity of 
	men go down.  This is unarguable.  It's not by accident 
	that the freest nations in the world are the the most 

	  But the primary issue is that rights are being 


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