CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

Joe Buck jbuck at
Fri Jun 27 23:52:08 EST 1997

John Alway <jalway at> writes:
>	   See Dixy Lee Ray's Trashing The Planet, which gives an
>	excellent description of bird populations during DDT spraying.

Dixy Lee Ray has no qualifications as a life scientist.  When she writes
on such topics, she's just another opinionated lay person.  (OK, so
am I, but at least I don't pretend otherwise).

The fact that the bald eagle was nearly driven to extinction by DDT,
and that teh bald eagle population in the 48 contiguous states has
made a huge recovery since the ban, is just that, a fact.

>	As we know, it was claimed there was a "Silent Spring", which
>	is absolutely contradicted by the facts.

"Silent Spring" exaggerated, but its general thrust was correct.  We
probably wouldn't have lost all the songbirds, as it says, probably just
the predators, since DDT concentrates at each step of the food chain.
The fact that DDT makes birds' eggshells so thin that they break
before the chick is mature was repeatedly demonstrated and observed in
the field.  If you and Ms. Ray think killing off our national symbol
is just hunky-dory, I'm glad you are not in charge.

DDT was not banned based on fraud, it was banned because this was the
appropriate action.
-- Joe Buck

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