Court Bans Raw Log Imports

Michael Hagen mhagen at
Fri Jun 27 10:31:12 EST 1997

Every summer, along Puget Sound area roads, we get to see the little
gypsy moth traps hanging from branches like bright orange christmas
ornaments. If a landownwer doesn't like orange-- well they can have
dayglow green!  This is in response to several escapes from asian cargo
ships, which were (If I recall correctly) in the Tacoma harbor district.
This was several years ago. Massive aerial BT spraying was conducted
over Seattle this spring. Yes, I said over the city. If the gypsy moths
are here, we're really giving them a run for their money!  If they're
1000 feet back from a road we've lost the battle.

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Larry Caldwell wrote:
> > From what you have posted about stumpage prices on the east coast, that
> > would seem to be a really good idea.  Shipping costs would be high, but
> > there might be enough money in it to make it go.
> >
> > But wait - do you have insects on the east coast?  If you do, somebody would
> > surely sue to stop you.  :)
> OK, we'll make a killing on this! <G>
> I know that a few years ago somebody was shipping softwood out of Rhode
> Island to China; so I'm surprised somebody isn't trying to ship logs to
> the NW. Out of curiosity I'll have to talk to some of the mills around
> here.
> Insects? Right now we're at the peak of mosquitto season, so I'm in the
> woods at the crack of dawn- but done long before the lunch hour.

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