CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

John Alway jalway at
Fri Jun 27 20:33:14 EST 1997

Todd M. Bolton wrote:
>John Alway wrote:


>Please provide your information showing the fraudulant science regarding 
>the toxicity of DDT.

	   See Dixy Lee Ray's Trashing The Planet, which gives an
	excellent description of bird populations during DDT spraying.
	As we know, it was claimed there was a "Silent Spring", which
	is absolutely contradicted by the facts.  Or, if you have a
	problem with Dixy Lee Ray, try the book "Rational Readings 
	on Environmental Concerns", edit by Jay Lehr, which has a 
	couple of papers, on DDT,  by scientists in the field.

>Also please demonstrate how rights are infringed by the Clean Water Act, 
>and while you are at it you may as well explain the fraud regarding that 
>piece of protection legislation.

	  I can't answer that, since I thought you were referring 
	to generic environmental law, not a specific law.  However,
	if waterways were owned, then there would be incentives
	for owners to keep their water clean, and not get their
	neighbor's water dirty, which would be a violation of
	their neighbor's rights.   The idea of water rights has
	been done, in fact, there's a river in Scotland to
	which this sort of approach is applied with great success.


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